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This movement sweeping the world is not only for George Floyd, but for EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has lost their life at the hands of Police Brutality and Negligence.

I have been hesitant to address the current state of affairs in our country and the world not because of fear, but because it is heartbreaking that these acts are STILL happening!  It has been 13 years since I lost my own brother Jason Armsden due to Police Negligence. I spent ten years in my own protest, suing for Justice.  The fact that there are people wearing a badge that have no compassion of whether someone dies by their hand should never ever wear a badge. EVER. People of all colors have died by cops without compassion, inflicting abuse or just plain denying medical needs until the last breath. Gutwrenching. The list of names is long and heartbreaking. I don’t think anyone could ever create the list accurately as there are so many who have lost their lives this way.

Protesting. Rioting. These are two very different words and concepts.  I support wholeheartedly any group that wishes to Protest, as long as they remain Peaceful in their protest.  The Rioters are the ones I can never support. To me, those who riot, burn, loot are no better than the law enforcement officer(s) who committed an abusive act.  Please DO NOT be abusive as they were! Let’s maintain our compassion and show them WE ARE BETTER!

Stage PEACEFUL Protests.  Hire Lawyers and SUE THE CRAP out of those who have harmed your loved ones.  Lawsuits are in essence a form of protest and when done correctly, even if it takes years, can produce change. Gather together and lobby congress for reform of laws and creation of new laws.

How can we make long lasting change everywhere?  I have no idea. I wish I had the answer.  Right now the entire world knows the name of George Floyd. However there are many many names that are not well known, in essence forgotten by all except their family.

Love each other, UNITE PEACEFULLY, Discard Hate and Racism, DEMAND the end of Police Brutality for ALL.