HomeUncategorizedThe perils of July 4th for the Alcoholism Incarcerated

I want to impress upon everyone, that an addiction to any substance – Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Prescription Drugs, etcetera can lead to DEATH.   Yes, we all hear this ALL THE TIME. Yet, still, so many people die of WITHDRAWAL of these substances whether they are deliberating withdrawing or are suddenly forced to withdraw which is the case when one is arrested, especially during those times of year when “celebrating” is the big thing.  July 4th Holiday here in the states is one of those times. There will be much celebrating around the country. At the majority of celebrations there will be alcohol and with that, you can count on knowing that someone you know will be arrested. Drunk Driving, Disorderly Conduct, Fighting…… the list goes on because when you mix alcohol, drugs, and party together it creates an atmosphere where people make utterly stupid decisions.  What we all need to be aware of, acutely aware of, are those people that we know to be addicted could potentially die of withdrawal during their arrest.  With Alcoholism Incarceration, death can occur within 4 days without a drink.  Drugs can take up to 8 days for death to occur. Regardless of what the person was arrested for, they need to receive intervening medical assistance for their addiction beginning at the point of arrest.  Many, when arrested, deny they have a problem, and this can be deadly to them. Many staff at jails nationwide do not readily notice the early warning signs of withdrawal due to lack of proper training or simply due to indifference, meaning they do not give a rats ass.  It is up to the person’s family and friends to make the calls and visits and demand the person is treated for their addiction; rather than take the risk of finding out a week later they died alone in a cell of withdrawal. Yes, until changes are made in the system, it is up to us – the family, friends, and advocates to make sure the person receives necessary life saving treatment upon arrest.

This is the USA, and here we are INNOCENT until proven GUILTY.  Just because an arrest is made, does not mean one is Guilty. Not yet. They still have all of their rights until they are proven guilty and  a very important right is that of receiving proper medical care for whatever afflicts them.  Do not let your addicted friend or loved one die an excruciating death.  Make noise and make sure they are receiving the care they need to survive withdrawal. Do not let the arresting facility be Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

Addiction is a disease.  It is difficult to overcome, but it can be overcome.