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July is nearing the end and soon it will be August.  This month we have witnessed a multitude of tragedies around our country and the world. Law Enforcement officers have been ambushed and gunned down, People have lost their lives around the world in senseless acts of violence. A therapist was shot while complying with police who were aiming for an autistic non-threatening person.  Our country is being fueled by hate, and that is being blamed on racism.  This is a Sad state of affairs for our country.  We have candidates running for President that speak what their constituents want to hear but no real actions are being taken to resolve the issues right here at home. Unfortunately, there is no ‘quick’ fix to making our country safe again, just like there is no quick fix to insure that our addicted loved ones receive the treatment needed when they become detained by police.  We must continue to bring awareness, education, and develop programs and ways to insure medical treatment is provided properly to those addicted. We need our law enforcement officers to be trained to use deadly force as a LAST resort. We as citizens need to recognize and educate that hate is not the answer.  We should be lobbying, teaching, and not blaming and hating. Peaceable protests are great, but not when someone uses the protest to target others for death.  We cannot continue to condone this kind of violence, but we must continue to find peaceable ways to change the way government, law enforcement, and civilians think and act.

On a personal note I have a story to share on alcohol for this month. Even if you are or know people who are ‘weekend binge drinkers’ you need to be aware that they too are in danger of sudden death.  Accidents happen of all kinds.  While it has been excessively hot in my area this summer, last weekend we had a near death in the family due to a family member and their friend drinking heavily and hanging out at one of the nearby rivers.  The one family member ended up passing out in the river, floated across and downstream where they were pulled out by a stranger. Unresponsive and barely breathing they were rushed to the hospital.  They suffered Hypothermia, near drowning and Alcohol Poisoning. Had that stranger not noticed and pulled her out, she would have died.  It was a close call, I hope a wake up call for them.  Having a relaxing drink is nice, drinking heavily is deadly.  Choose wisely.