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Death due to Withdrawal – regardless of what the person is withdrawing from – is Excruciating and horrific for the person. Any person addicted to a substance whether it is alcohol or some form of drug is at great risk for experiencing Acute Withdrawal when suddenly cut off from their supply such as when they are suddenly arrested.

Arrest in the United States does not equal guilt!  One is Innocent Until Proven Guilty by a Court of law!  When one is arrested, provided no medical or inadequate medical treatment for their addiction before being found guilty; this is criminal, this is in violation of their rights, and this cannot continue to reoccur throughout our country. I am by no means defending criminals, however I am defending every single persons basic rights to receive proper medical attention for their addiction or disease when being arrested and/or incarcerated.

I follow the stories of this happening time and time again and I read the comments from people “they brought it on themselves”, “they got what they deserved”, “Yay, another addict gone”.  It is a sad state for our society and country when there are so many callous people with this view. To those callous people with this attitude; what if you or your loved one were on prescription addictive medication for a long period of time due to disease, accident, etc and you were suddenly arrested for an unpaid ticket, or because you looked like someone that was being looked for, and suppose you were denied your prescription medicine and you died of withdrawal in a jail cell. Would you have gotten what You deserved?

Let me be clear; No One deserves to die of withdrawal inside a cell. NO ONE.  It is cruel, it is inhumane, it has no place in our society and it has no place in the hearts of the family members who have to live with the memory of their loved ones dying an agonizing death all alone, yet surrounded by people who could have helped.